S.No Name Description
1 Recruitment App “It is a sample Application provided by salesforce. It is a Recruitment Application developed for Universal
Containers Company. Recommended doc for anyone who want to start/switch to salesforce.”
2 Warehouse App This app is intended for developers new to the Salesforce platform and for Salesforce admins who want to
delve more deeply into app development
3 Salesforce Training Training for many Admins/Developer/Business Users who are looking to get started fast. Visit
4 Admin Interview Questions Soft copy of the Admin Interview Questions Download
5 Salesforce Interview Questions SFDC Interview Questions for Admin, Dev and Lightning Visit
6 Salesforce Discussion Forum Forum to solve your questions by SFDC professionals Visit
7 SFDC Account for free Sandbox If you want to create a Sandbox in free edition register here Visit
8 Salesforce Ideas If you have an idea which you feel Salesforce should be implemented post here. Visit
9 Salesforce Trust website To see the Salesforce Servers performance Visit
10 Salesforce AppExchange If you want to install already developed apps on salesforce platform or want to host apps developed on
salesforce platform it is a market place.
11 Sfdc Certifications Verification To verify the certifications you are holding Visit
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