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Hi All,

I stared to learn salesforce with the help of Srinivas, I completed the course after that i tried for job , What all covered in class i practised daily with in the 2 interviews it self i got the job also.

Its really true , Srinivas is a well expert in training and he will share the knowledge to all students. Mostly out side institutes are giving the training’s to earn the money. But Srinivas training will not be like that at that time of staring on words ,he is explaining the real time structures and giving the confident like how to survive in market and steps to face the interviews.
While training he will treat every one to his own friends.

I really recommend to join his class , really want’s to start career in Salesforce platform


Kumar, Hyderabad (Date: 19-09-2016)

I believe a Good Teacher is the reason to get motivated in the carer path you choose. When you understand the subject that’s when you get motivated. Srinivas is one such teacher who is very proficient and knows his stuff very well. He teaches concepts from basics in an orderly fashion. Such approach is really helpful especially for non – IT students like me.
He repeats important points often and makes sure we understand and retain them. Because of this it was easy for me to clear cert exams. He also stresses on interview questions and repeats them often throughout the course. His lucid way of teaching helped me retain concepts in my head without much effort by the end of every class.
He teaches, tests and illustrates every possible scenario in ‘Sales Force’ himself, makes sure nothing goes wrong during his lecture. He has answer for every question we throw upon him and find an answer for sure !
His immediate and prompt responses via email/text made me respect him more. Let anything be your concern- about course, cert exams, resume preparation, ‘Salesforce’ learning materials; he returns your e-mails. Another plus for a reliable and a good mentor !
I definitely recommend him. He is my go-to person for all ‘Sales force’ related issues. He is one of the very few professors I saw who is so dedicated and teaches so professionally. You will realize it in the first few classes. Its truly ‘end-to-end’ coaching as described on his website!
It takes a lot of work and patience to be a teacher like him. I feel fortunate to come across him.

-From a Science background student who is a newbie to IT industry!

Anu, USA (Date: 07-07-2016)

Hi All,

Trust me that I completed my ADM201 & 401 certification before I joined the class but I didn’t know any thing about the salesforce application. I attended interview for about months and nothing worked out and institute called J*****k to learn salesforce but it was just waste of money and time.. As I was preparing for my interview, I came across Srinivas site.

It was in very simple English and very easy to understand. I am not an IT person. But after joining Srinivas class I had confidence to attend interview and I got selected in my third or fourth interview. He teaches are all based on real industry standard. He explains so well that we will love to learn Salesforce. He give us problem to work on and discuss them on class. I got a job in *** even before My classes were over. All the credit goes only to Srinivas.

Even after I got a job and I used to call and ask Srinivas regarding any doubt or clarification he is ready to help at any time. He is a very nice person and very helpful and very very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend everyone to join his classes if you really want to study salesforce


Romila, USA


When I started Salesforce training with Srinivas, I don’t know nothing about coding and no idea what is Salesforce. Basically I’m from testing background without any coding experience. Srinivas started explaining from the basics and very well organized all the topics as he outlined before the training. He is very enrich in technical knowledge and got lot of experience and patience to explain even if I ask simple questions.

One divergent thing about his training was, he takes real time complex scenarios and explains interview questions as soon each topic completes. On top of discussing interview questions, he gives assignments to get hands-on experience.

He is very approachable for any of my questions even after training complete.
Finally he is 5: ***** star rater, so I would extremely recommend Srinivas training if anyone planning to start career in Salesforce applications.


Venkatesh, USA

Srinivas has a deep knowledge of the Salesforce application. He makes sure that his students get a good understanding of the concepts of the application as well as development. He entertains all levels of questions from his students and is very keen to help them. He also extends help and advice to his students who are interested in taking the Salesforce certification exams (basic admin and developer). He has a very methodical way of teaching; starts with building an application to explain the concepts and then goes deeper. I am finding his sessions quite useful and I’m getting a good grasp of the application and the language.

Verma, USA

New to Salesforce. Attended 2 other trainings unfortunately it was not satisfactory. Glad came through . Got spell bounded by his explanation of what is CRM and the difference between various CRMs. Without any delay enrolled this course, because this is what I was looking for. I think I did the best thing by doing this. Just finished Admin training, Can’t wait to complete the rest and finish my certification. Srinivas is an excellent and keen tutor. Very clear and keen explanation with easy to understand terminology and example illustrations are like magic spells with his magic wand- Proficient Knowledge. I like that he gave all the illustrations not only limited to Admin Beginner level but also to the Advanced level along with sample interview questions. Do not waste your money and time, investing in other courses/trainings on Salesforce . You are at the right place. GRAB IT! AVAIL IT!


Raju, USA

I was completely impressed with the depth and completeness of Administration and Development Training. Instructor was very Knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions threw at him. I have started with Zero experience in coding and finally felt myself comfortable in dealing complex scenarios as well. Detailed Explanation was given on all the topics and answered all the questions precisely. I finally got the best of out it and would definitely recommend if you are looking for Salesforce.

Bobi, Hyderabad

My genuine feedback about Srinu is knowledgeable, professional behavior, answering n explaining with very patience and no other institute trainer explains the way he is explaining and covering all the topics up to date,very helping, guiding, suggesting for in getting job.

Nalini, Hyderabad

Srinu is a truly excellent trainer. He is passionate about great effort for us and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm He brings to every session. Him easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable training atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, Covered All contents about SFDC ! He also places a high value on correct form with each Interview Question and Scenarios. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy and Knowledge, have improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Srinu will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Srinu, you are the best!

Vinod, Lucknow

Hi, I am Lohith, I have taken salesforce. com training from Srinivas, he is good in teaching and he will make you learn concepts simple way. He is very dedicated and helpful in interview point of way good support for students.

Lohith, Bangalore

I’ve taken the Salesforce development training with Srinu. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. His course curriculum is well defined which covers both basic and advanced development topics. I’m pretty impressed with his teach style and honesty. Thank you SrinuSFDC for the opportunity to complete my Salesforce developer certification in 2 months. I definitely recommend Srinu for anybody who wants to get trained in Salesforce.

Thanks, Kesav

Kesav, USA

Srinu is an excellent trainer and explain the concepts very well with real scenarios. He’s very organized and pays good attention to everyone in the class. I highly recommend him for SalesForce trainings.

Devender, USA
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